The Benefits of Having a Birdfeeder in Your BackyardThe Benefits of Having a Birdfeeder in Your Backyard

A lot of people are thinking of getting birdfeeders. In fact, if you go to a typical neighborhood in America, it seems that birdfeeders are sprouting in backyards all over the place. What’s going on? Why the sudden fascination with this interesting piece of home decor? Let’s face it. It is home decor because it’s not really an absolute necessity. It’s definitely an option.

So, why do people get the best birdfeeders? What is the big draw? A lot of this has to do with its impact on the bird life in your area.

Increased Biological Diversity in Your Area

One of the worst things that people can do is to basically pave things under. This all starts with cutting down trees, paving ground, and essentially just putting everything under cement. Eventually, the summers get long and hot and, before you know it, it feels like you’re living in an oven.

However, when you compare the landscape to what it looked like as early as thirty years ago, it probably was green. There was probably a nice breeze coming in. These long, hot summers that make you sweat and feel like an ordeal weren’t the case back then. Sure, it still got hot but at least the sun’s rays didn’t bounce off concrete. If you think about it, the reason why a lot of cities become really hot is because the heat bounces off the concrete.

It’s as if you just stepped into a brick oven. If you like pizza, one of the best pizzas you could ever have come from brick wood-fire ovens. The reason why these pizzas are so good is because they cook thoroughly from the heat bouncing from the dome of the bricks and the heat coming up from the bottom of the brick oven.

Well, you’re not a pizza. I’m sure you noticed that. Unfortunately, it is a hassle when you live in an urban or a city environment where everything is paved over and this pizza-making effect kicks into high gear.

The cement can hold so much heat that it’s almost unbearable especially if there’s no breeze. Usually, when trees are just completely out of the picture, the wind isn’t diverted the right way and the wind doesn’t build up and, before you know it, there is no breeze.

I’m walking you through this very common, modern urban scenario to highlight the fact that when people live in essentially a cement jungle, it’s very easy to feel disconnected from nature. You may have your home and you have a nicely laid-out backyard.

You might even have a few plants growing out back but, at the end of the day, it’s an artificial environment. At the end of the day, you’re basically just another person living in a concrete box among hundreds of other concrete boxes.

It’s easy to feel alone. It’s very easy to feel disconnected from nature. Ultimately, it’s very easy to get depressed. This is where birds come in. Birds definitely remind us that we are still part of nature and just because our everyday surroundings are paved over, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should allow ourselves to be completely cut off from Mother Nature.

When you have many wild birds of different colors stopping by for a quick snack in the birdfeeder in your backyard, you get to reconnect. At the very least, they add a much-needed dose of all-natural colors thanks to their plumage and amazing sounds.

I don’t know about you but what would you rather have? Would you rather wake up to the sound of car alarms getting tripped or the nice symphony of many birds of different species crooning in the background? To me, it’s obvious.

So, do yourself a big favor. If you want to add a bit of the wild to your backyard and reconnect with Mother Nature, get a birdfeeder in your background. These units are not all that expensive. Keeping them well-stocked with birdseed isn’t going to burn a hole through your pocket.

Another great benefit of having a birdfeeder in your backyard is that they make for great conversation pieces. The next time you have a backyard barbecue, people could look at the birdfeeder and they may get inspired. They might want to get one. At the very least, people would pull you aside and ask you the story behind the birdfeeder and it would be a great way to bond with your neighbor, your family, or your friends.

It’s a great conversation piece. At the very least, it’s a great way to start conversation and possibly deepen your relationships by talking about something that you can both agree on and something that can give you mutual comfort. Make no mistake about it, getting a birdfeeder for your backyard is a win all around.

Another great benefit of having a birdfeeder in your backyard involves adding life to your home if you don’t have any pets. A lot of American families have dogs and cats but, for whatever reason, if you don’t choose to get such a pet, you’re not necessarily out of luck.

The big problem with having a pet dog and a pet cat is the fact that they require your long-term committed attention. Remember when you buy a cat or a dog, you’re not buying a toy. You have to feed it. You have to take care of it. When it’s sick, you need to make it gets the proper veterinary attention. In other words, it’s a commitment. Just like getting into a relationship is a commitment, you must have not only the time for it but you have to be dedicated to it.

You have to understand that your pet doesn’t care if you’re feeling right that day or not. It doesn’t care if things have fallen into place so you can take care of it or not. It just needs help every single day. It needs your attention.

The great thing about having a birdfeeder in your backyard is you get a kind of pet that you can take care of without the commitment. The only thing that you should commit to is basically getting birdseed to stock the birdfeeder and even if you skip or you miss because you’re too busy, nobody’s hurt. Remember these birds are wild so they are already eating. The best you can offer to them is basically a snack.

So, if you’re looking to have some sort of long-distance pet experience without the dedication and commitment that cats and dogs normally require, putting out a birdfeeder in your backyard is definitely the way to go.

You get the benefits of having a pet without the hassle as well as the long-term commitment that might put a cramp on the other things that you are in other areas of your life.